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I have been a professional singer for thirty years and a yoga practitioner for most of my life. When I completed my university studies in voice, I began my teaching practice under the name Vocal Yoga, as I realized that the process of transforming the voice is a yoga unto itself. The literal translation of yoga is union; therefore, vocal yoga means vocal union.

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The voice is a mirror into the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of a person. My joy in being a teacher is to assist all that come though my door to find their vocal power and go for their dreams no matter what their race, religion, disability or sexual orientation is.

The voice is the instrument of communication for the actor or public speaker

The next program will be held in 2024. Learn to teach the best of voice science combined with the science of yoga.

I truly believe that everyone can learn to sing! Our voice is made of a series of muscles that can be trained like any other muscle in the body.

VOCAL YOGA SINGING EXERCISES by Heather Lyle is now available for digital download.

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Your voice is a muscle, exercise it

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