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I proclaim that racism will never be tolerated in any of my classes or courses I facilitate. Black lives matter! Asian lives matter! Indigenous Peoples matter! We at Vocal Yoga will always lovingly embrace an environment of diversity.

Individual Lessons Rates

I am presently teaching in person and on Zoom, Skype or Facetime. My normal rate is $150 an hour or $75 for a half hour. For adults and teens I recommend an hour and for children a half hour is best. For production companies I charge $250 to $400. I am an experienced online teacher so I can offer the student the same experience they would have in person. Please reach out to me if you need help with your breathing, speaking or singing voice and STAY SAFE! I am here for you.

Call 310 200-0506 for more information or email

Om Choir is back the first Sunday of every month!  Click under programs and then on Om Choir to learn all about it!

Contemporary Singing Techniques this Spring

Through Santa Monica College Continuing Education
Hybrid: In person and on Zoom  5 Sessions Weekly – April 4 – May 2, 2024
$129.00, $17.00 materials fee

For more info. and registration call: Santa Monica College: 310 434-3400
or register online by clicking on Find Courses and search under Music.

For more information on my work email me by clicking here

Whether you want to audition for “The Voice” or just want to learn to sing in tune, here’s a chance to learn all the so-called “fundamentals of contemporary singing.” Breathing, range, intonation, vocal power, blending with registers, gaining confidence, and overcoming performance anxiety are just some of the topics we’ll cover in a safe, fun atmosphere. This unique “Vocal Yoga” method uses techniques ranging from Alexander Technique, Yoga, and Chi Gong, to The Bel Canto School of Singing, Fitzmaurice Voicework, and more to free the voice. It is truly a unique class. Beginners welcome!

Online on Zoom Vocal Yoga Singing Classes

Online Wednesday Daytime Group Singing Class for Ladies
12:00PM to 1:30PM on Zoom

This super fun class for ladies begins with voice technique and then we sing songs as an ensemble. We begin with body alignment, then breathing, core connection exercises, airflow and agility exercises and finish the technique section with resonance exercises. Then we apply these techniques to song material. The class is geared for more beginning singers and people who are not ready to do a lot of solo singing. Although with Vocal Yoga techniques people progress quickly and there is the opportunity for some solo singing if one feels ready. The cost is $39.00 per class paid at the beginning of the month so the average month is $156 if it is a four week month. The class is called “all the way in” meaning it meets every week on Zoom, all year round. You are in this class as long as you want to be. When you want to leave you give 2 weeks notice. The current group is so wonderful; they are very accepting and encouraging of new students. Singing together creates friendships and a sense of community. We, including myself, have been so thankful for each other during this pandemic. We do take summer and holiday breaks.

Thursday Night Class  – In person!
6:30PM to 8:30PM

This class is for the more experienced singer who wants to perform or a beginning singer who is willing to give solo performing a try. The class begins with voice technique and then each student sings a solo song they have prepared. We begin with body alignment, then breathing for singing, core connection exercises, airflow and agility exercises and finish the technique section with resonance exercises. So the beginning of the class is similar to the Wednesday class except I have students do some vocalizes on their own at times. After the first hour of technique and training each person performs a song on their own and I help them with keys, technique needed for the song, performing skills and more. The class is like getting a private lesson for the price of what would normally be one lesson. The cost is $39.00 per class paid at the beginning of the month. The students in the class are wonderful and very accepting and encouraging of new students. This class also meets all year round; you are in the class as long as you want to be.

To find out more about the classes email me at or call me at 310 200-0506. My voicemail is on when I am teaching but I will call you back. If you are unsure of which class is the best fit for you, I can let you know

Open Your Throat Chakra Vocal Yoga Workshops!

 I will be doing individual workshops around the LA area this Spring  49.00 per person
Some in Malibu at: 23555 Civic Center Way, Malibu, CA 90265

Many people feel a block in their throat chakra. This course is time to take a break and reclaim your breath, free your body of stress, open your throat chakraa and listen to your soul voice. Bring your mat, water and a small pillow and get ready to learn how to open the voice and stimulate airflow for a free, full sounding experience. Yoga, shiatzu, sound healing, breathwork, Fitzmaurice Voicework, Somatic Experiencing, Theta Healing and Presence Work will be used to release chronic holds in the body and reintroduce you to your own organic patterns of breathing and vocal production. The whole body will be opened so that it is available to receive sound down to the cellular level.  This is not a strenuous yoga class and there are modifications of the poses for all people.

Please email me for more information.

Vocal Yoga Teacher Certification is happening online and in person summer, 2024! The dates are July 20 – 28, 2024. One extra meetup a month later.

February is my birthday month and I am offering 10% through the end of February. Put a deposit down and I will send you payment information to pay the balance.

In 2024 I am holding the course ONLINE and IN PERSON. This new hybird format will give me the opportunity to work in person with people who would desire to and also gives me the opportunity to meet many of you that are not in the Los Angeles area. Please continue to read about my course and I am happy to answer any questions at any time.

Email us for more information, Needed for the course: a yoga mat, a tuning fork in C# (136.1 hertz) and small crystal. (I have some of these things available to borrow for traveling students).

This certification is for voice and singing teachers, yoga teachers, movement specialists, music healers and sound healers, professional therapists, life coaches, actors, public speakers and anyone who wants to explore the voice and sound healing.

This Summer will mark my 11th offering of The Heather Lyle Vocal Yoga Method® Teacher Certification.

Needed for the course:  a yoga mat, a 10 foot yoga strap, two blocks, a tuning fork in C# (136.1 hertz) or C (128 hertz) and a small crystal.

My first book and teaching methods were well described in The National Association of Teachers of Singing’s academic journal in an article in the May/June 2017 issue, Volume 73, No. 5, pp. 511–518: “Vocal Yoga: Applying Yoga Principles in Voice Therapy” by Adam Lloyd, Bari Hoffman-Ruddy, Erin Silverman, and Jeffrey L. Lehman. “Heather Lyle incorporates voice pedagogy, yoga postures and principles, directed breathing exercises, and voice science in her work, Vocal Yoga: The Joy of Breathing, Singing, and Sounding. “Lyle’s work focuses on respiratory exercises for speech and singing, and also provides examples of speech and singing exercises to achieve a balanced voice production. She incorporates aspects of other popular body alignment techniques and programs in her work including Feldenkrais, Alexander technique, and Tai Chi, among others.”

My second book is called Vocal Yoga II, the Asanas. It dives deeper into yoga practices, pranayama, chakras, nadis, kriyas and asanas to heighten vocal production. It also contains my myofascial release exercises, some of which are modified yoga asanas, massage techniques and “Racking.” “Racking” is custom designed stretches of myofascial anatomy trains (lines of connective tissue) using yoga and yoga therapy tractioning exercises that target all the different parts of the body that can affect the breathing and vocalization. All of the organs, muscles, veins and nerves in the body are covered in a netting called fascia. One interesting myofascial anatomy train is the direct connection of the tongue to the big toe! Racking requires teammates to stretch and release muscle fibers within a participant’s body while he or she makes calls out until the myofascial connective tissue is expanded and the voice is changed. When this occurs it helps to realign any disorganized fibers within the body and the practitioner breathes and sounds freer. Some of you may of experienced “Racking” in a Fitzmaurice Voicework® course, a Vocal Yoga or “Racking” workshop at the London Freedom and Focus Conference, at a VASTA conferences or at The Voice Foundation.

Covered in the course will be:
The nervous system and Polyvagal theory
Anatomy and physiology of breathing and singing
Vocal acoustics and physics of sound
Body alignment with yoga straps and Alexander Technique
Pranayama for breathing taught by an Indian pranayama master
What is fascia and how does it connect all the organs and muscles of the body
Therapeutic yoga asanas taught by a yoga master
30 yoga asanas to target the main myofascial layers of the body
Myofacial massage release exercises for the voice and body
Anatomy and physiology of active exhalation
Resonance with tubes, straws and tuning forks
Semi-occluded vocal tract exercises
Vocology exercises from voice scientists Ingo Titze, Johann Sudnberg and Brian Gill
Chakra tuning and special frequencies for healing
Range extension
Yoga Kriyas to raise Kundalini

Heather Lyle: NCVS Vocologist, B.M., M.M., F.V., E-RYT, C.Ht., Heather Lyle is a leading voice teachers in Los Angeles for singers, actors and public speakers. She received a Bachelor and Master Degrees in voice, specializing in singing, diction and speech science and completed doctoral voice research and a doctoral internship in historical vocal pedagogy at the Indiana University School of Music under the tutelage of renown voice teacher Paul Kiesgen. Lyle furthered her education by receiving a diploma in Vocology attending Dr. Ingo Titze’s course in voice science and habilitation at The National Center of Voice and Speech. She also completed a diploma in voice science attending renown European voice scientist Johan Sundberg’s voice science course at NYU. Heather Lyle is a proud Certified Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework®, which changed her life. She is the author of Vocal Yoga, the Joy of Breathing, Singing and Sounding (New Leaf 2012), a contributor to The Voice Teacher’s Cookbook: Creative Recipes for Teachers of Singing (Hal Leonard 2018) and a contributor to the VSR. In the US she has taught for USC, Santa Monica College, LA Mission College, Loyola Marymount, Mount Saint Mary’s College. Internationally she has taught at The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Loreto College, Indian Idol Academy and Probir Guha’s Alternate Living Theatre in Kolkata, India.

Lyle is also a professional singer who has performed in over fifty productions, recorded four original CD’s, and presently sings with her jazz band, the eight-piece Bluecat Express. She has recorded for a movie sound track inside the Great Pyramid, and has performed concerts floating down the Amazon River and in numerous other venues, including nightclubs in Paris, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, and the Playboy Mansion. Highlights of her career have been performing at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival on stage with Herbie Hancock, Kenny G, and Dee Dee Bridgewater, at the Playboy Jazz Festival and opening for Baba Ram Das at the Harmony Festival. She is a life long yogi trained by her father Auro Arindam since she was a child who was a sadhak at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India.

Terra Gold: M.A., L.Ac., YTRX, E-RYT500  Terra is co-author of the comprehensive yoga therapy medical book, entitled Yoga Therapy and Integrative Medicine: Where Ancient Science Meets Modern Medicine, released in early 2015 that highlights the uses of yoga therapy within specific medical fields. She is a licensed acupuncturist, a clinically trained nutritionist, a certified yoga therapist, and has an allied professional degree in Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP). Terra integrates all of these modalities into her work with private clientele, and has been the private yoga therapist/primary care specialist for several large entertainment media executives and celebrities, as well as the co-creator and director of the annual Yoga and the Healing Sciences Teacher Training Program at Loyola Marymount. She has been featured in “LA Yoga Magazine” and in the widely acclaimed books, Yoga For Dummies, Shakti: The Feminine Power of Yoga, and The Secret Art of Adjusting Yoga Poses. Terra is also a Bhakti Kirtan Musician with a self-released album entitled, “Sun and Moon.”  She loves travel, all forms of art, music and nature, and greatly enjoys being a mom to her 7 year old son, River.

Jennie Morton: BSc (Hons) Osteopathy, MS Psychology Jennie began her career as a classical Ballet dancer before moving into musical theatre, performing in London’s West End for many years. She was also the lead singer of a top UK Big Band performing across, jazz, swing, rock, and pop genres. She is now an Osteopath specializing in the treatment of all performing artists, and worked at The British Association for Performing Arts Medicine Clinic in London (UK) for 10 years. Her treatments are focused on injury prevention, rehabilitation, and integration into performance, and she is a specialist in laryngeal manual therapy for vocalists. Now living in Los Angeles, she provides treatment for performing artists, and also offers performance coaching for singers, actors, instrumentalists, and dancers. She is an adjunct professor at Chapman University where she works with the dance, music, and voice students, and is the Wellness Professor at The Colburn School. She is on the Board of Directors for the Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA), an international organization dedicated to the health and wellbeing of performing artists, and the Dance Resource Center (DRC), an LA-based service organization providing support and resources for the dance community.

Melanie-Joy H Dorn: MA CCC-SLP, RYT-200  Melanie Dorn is a Speech Language Pathologist and a Professor at The George Washington University’s Speech Language Hearing Sciences Department. She supervises graduate student clinicians in their rotation in Acquired Neurological Disorders and Fluency Disorders and teaches several undergraduate courses throughout the year —  Foundations of Human Communication and Voice and Diction. Dorn is a certified LSVT/LOUD Clinician for Parkinson’s and a HLM Vocal Yoga Instructor. She is the only Vocal Yoga teacher teaching a VY class for voice disorders. Dorn is a member of The Parkinson’s Foundation National Capital Area. When she is not on her mountain bike or teaching yoga she enjoys presenting and conducting research focused on group therapy for people with Parkinson’s Disease.

Surendra Mehta: MBA, C-IAYT, RYT-200 Surendra is a certified yoga therapist, and graduate of the Loyola Marymount University (LMU), Los Angeles, Yoga Therapy and Teachers Training programs. In addition he studied at the Indian Yoga Institute in India, and with teachers including Dr. Nagendra. Surendra studied Yoga Nidra at Bihar School of Yoga, and is a direct disciple of Yog Swami Ram Dev, known for his Pranayama teachings. Currently he is teaching for internationally known yoga teacher Dr. Larry Payne PhD in his Prime of Life Yoga® program in the Yoga Therapy and Yoga and the Healing Sciences at LMU and numerous yoga programs. He also conducts Pranayama and Yoga Nidra workshops for individuals, small groups and corporations.Surendra has been practicing Yoga since 1994 and teaching since 2001.

All certified teachers of Heather Lyle’s Vocal Yoga Method® will be listed on the Vocal Yoga Website with a link to their website.

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Corporate Rate

Depending on what is needed, the range is $300 – $600 per hour. For more information, please contact me directly.

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Workshops Especially For You

If you have a group of friends who want to study, I can do a workshop tailored to your special interests. Contact me for more info.

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Zoom, Skype or Facetime lessons are available for the same price as individual lessons. Email me to arrange a lesson time.

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I am still glowing from our one to one session. I learned new things, reviewed valuable things and had fun with you! You have such a calm yet bright personality and when I heard your voice for that full hour, it made me think of spun gold on a spinning wheel. Ever-turning and ever-producing a thread of beauty.       

-Joyce Burton Titular, public speaking teacher


Yes, yes it is all about the primal voice! If you don’t find the primal voice you have nothing to work with. Everyone should do Heather Lyle’s Vocal Yoga! 
–Vladimir Chernov, world famous Russian baritone opera singer 


I’ve never felt my ribcage open that fully! I love Vocal Yoga!
–Christopher Lemmings, international opera singer