Take this short test from CHealth to find out about your breathing habits. Breathing is for the most part performed unconsciously, regulated by our autonomic nervous system. The stresses of life start to impact our breath from the moment we become aware of the world around us. If we do not diaphragmatically breathe through life, stress is imprinting on the body all day long. According to CHealth bad breathing habits can deny your body of the oxygen it needs and leave you vulnerable to illness and stress.

Take this short quiz to see if you’ve developed bad breathing habits.

Time yourself for one minute, breathing as you normally would, and count your breaths. How many breaths did you take in one minute?

A. 14 to 16

B. More than 16 or fewer than 14

Place one hand on your upper chest. Put the other hand on your belly above your waist. Breathe in slowly through your nose. What do you feel?

A. The hand on my belly moved up, and the hand on my chest stayed put.

B. The hand on my chest moved up, and the hand on my belly lowered.

Repeat the steps from number 2 and then breathe out slowly through pursed lips. What do you feel?

A. The hand on my belly lowered.

B. The hand on my belly moved up.

Breathe as you normally would. Are you…

A. breathing in through your nose?

B. breathing in through your mouth?

If you answered “A” to most of the questions, you’re a healthy breathing pro! (You are breathing from the diaphragm). Healthy breathing habits help to keep your body properly oxygenated and working efficiently. If you answered “b” to any of the questions, you could use some breathing lessons. Bad breathing habits can leave you vulnerable to infections and make it harder to deal with stress.

Test From: http://chealth.canoe.ca/channel_section_details.asp?text_id=4211&channel_id=40&relation_id=25176

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  • OK now what about pranayama for helping female singers calm heavy breathing down after concert? is there a way pranayama can help? you hear female singers like lady gaga Madonna Ellie goulding breathing heavy on stage so makes you wonder what their breathing is like after concert? any female singers reading this and take pranayama please contact me here or Facebook sparky sparky

    • A warm-down is just as important as a warm-up and pranayama is great for that. I would recommend lung sensation breathing, or any pranayama that slows down the breath as opposed to a more active practice.

  • can you show me how it’s done Heather if you got a video or know where I can find one online?

    • Hi Jeff,
      I’m just back from India, so sorry I am so late on the reply. I will put a video up in my blog in the next week to show good breathing. Best,


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