May 11- May 19, 2019

Hydra, Greece

I am super excited to say we will be doing a retreat this September in Hydra, Greece. Come join Galen Ayers and me for an immersive Vocal Yoga retreat this coming Fall on the beautiful, car free island of Hydra. Our residence is the Kriezis Mansion, which is recognized as one of the top ten holiday villas in Greece. The residence sits on a hilltop with a view of the whole ocean and village. Below is some of the information about Hydra and pricing, but feel free to go to for more information to get tuned in!


“There is one common flow, one common breathing, all things are in sympathy” Hippocrates (460BC-370BC).

Hippocrates believed that nature was the true healer and the body had an innate ability to rebalance itself. Pythagoras (570–495 BC) the great mathematician and inventor of sound healing believed that “a state of harmony is a state that we all desire to return to.”

Join us on the very unique island of Hydra this May 2019 and tune in to your own natural state of harmony. As nature renews itself for the year, surround yourself with the Mediterranean Spring’s blooming wildflowers, the warmed azure blue sea, and the no-car lifestyle that fosters the inner peace needed to learn and hear one’s own true voice.

The Greek island of Hydra is of cultural importance for the Greek and the international community. Since the 70’s it has been used as a getaway and second home for loved writers, artists and musicians: The Beatles, Leonard Cohen, Sophia Loren, Ghika, Henry Miller, and Mick Jagger to name a few…

Master vocal workshops, integrative journaling sessions, meditative processing, locally guided hikes, Vocal Yoga®, Fitzmaurice Voicework® sound healing, chanting, healthy vegetarian Mediterranean food, and a luxurious home away from home will be yours to experience for seven days. Your retreat will include:

  • 8 nights accommodation in a beautiful private villa on the island of Hydra. Housekeeping included, linens, grand piano and wifi.
  • 7 days of morning yoga, two private voice lessons, a private hypnotherapy session and lovingly curated workshops taught by top experts in each field and planned optional excursions around the island on foot and by donkey.
  • Fantastic healthy locally sourced Mediterranean food (breakfast and lunch) Tea, water and snacks will also be available free all day.
    At night time, you are free to explore the local taverns or join the group for dinner.
  • Flexible schedules (Do as little or as much as you want)


The best way to get a glimpse into our retreats is to read the words of one of our wonderful attendees:

Katherine Trisolini, Reflections on VocalYoga retreat in Hydra, 2018:

For me, the Vocal Yoga retreat in Greece was indescribably amazing. I will try to describe it, although it will be hard to do it justice.

Here are some of the things that made it wonderful for me. I loved learning completely new things about my voice, about performance, about being creative and real in the world while at the same time feeling that I was remembering some part of me that already existed. I loved using my mind and my body to learn in multiple ways: through movement, sensation, discussion, listening, watching, talking, voicing, singing, laughing, tremoring and letting go. I loved being in such a trusting and safe environment and feeling the group’s sense of community. I loved watching other students learn and discover their voices. And I loved watching Heather and Galen teach and inspire, each with their unique gifts and talents.

Heather and Galen are both smart, thoughtful, passionate, and caring teachers. They create a warm and open sense of community around them. And they each have their own special superpowers.

Anyone who studies singing with Heather, quickly recognizes how profoundly knowledgeable she is about the voice and the body. She is also creative, curious, fun, and enthusiastic. Heather not only teaches her students to sing joyfully but also to live joyfully.

In addition to her music and performance experience, Galen has studied religion, Buddhism and Hypnotherapy. Whether it’s this background, simply her character, or both, Galen combines the ability to speak eloquently about the spiritual aspects of performance with a capacity for profound listening that both heals and transforms.

In addition to all of the other benefits, the retreat provided very tangible delights. The island of Hydra is simply stunning as is the Kriezis mansion. I loved being in a place without cars but with donkeys. I loved traveling by water taxi and wandering along meandering whitewashed alleyways (and yes, even getting lost in them). The yummy breakfasts and lunches were not only delicious but also so healthy that I could almost feel my cells thanking me. Eating on the beautiful patio with new friends just felt right.

The trip was very meaningful in other ways as well. It reminded of possibilities, or I should say, POSSIBILITIES (all caps because it seems like a very big deal). All of the magic came together to open up life in a way that has stayed with me—even as I have returned to my rather hectic, and sometimes overwhelming, modern life. The retreat was a real gift for which I am tremendously grateful.

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We are offering a variety of accommodation choices each beautiful in their own uniqueness.

Prices are in Euros

Standard Suite Mansion
Single Occupancy: € 2,200
Double Occupancy € 2,450

Standard Suite Villa
Single Occupancy: € 2,100
Double Occupancy: € 2,375

Luxury Suite Village View
Single occupancy: € 2,200
Double occupancy: € 3,000

Luxury Ocean View Suite
Single or double occupancy: € 3,200

Mansion Suite (with shared shower room)
Single Occupancy: € 2,100
Double Occupancy: € 1,800

Greek Residents:
Please join us for workshops & lunch. 2 day workshop passes are also available.
Contact us for prices:


Heather Lyle

National Center of Voice and Speech Vocologist, Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance, Master of Music in Vocal Performance and Speech Science, DMA Research Internship, Indiana University, Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework®, E-RYT 200, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Heather Lyle is considered one of the leading voice teachers in Los Angeles for singers, actors, public speakers and storytellers. She is a dedicated educator who received her Bachelor and Master Degrees in voice, specializing in singing, diction and speech science graduating summa cum laude. A winner of the prestigious California University Sally Casanova Doctoral Scholarship, Lyle completed advanced doctoral voice research and a doctoral internship in vocal pedagogy at the Indiana University School of Music under the tutelage of renown voice teacher Paul Kiesgen. In addition to operating a busy private L.A. studio, Lyle has taught vocal technique at many institutions of higher learning including the University of Southern California’s School of Dramatic Arts, Santa Monica College, UCLA Anderson School of Management, Studio 5 in New York, Chelsea Studios in NYC and Seydways Acting Studio in Hollywood. Internationally she has taught at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Loreto College and Probir Guha’s acclaimed “Alternative Living Theatre.” Lyle is the founder of the patented Vocal Yoga Method® and author of Vocal Yoga, The Joy of Breathing, Singing and Sounding.

Lyle began her practice of yoga at age 14 through the influence of her father, yoga teacher Auro Arindam. For more click on About.

Galen Ayers

B.A. Ethnomusicology and Religious Studies, M.A. Buddhist Studies, M.A. Psychology of Religion, Time Techniques Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner. Life Coach and NLP Certification, Vocal Yoga Certification. Galen Ayers is a musician, writer, and activist.

Galen’s training as a therapist has been unconventional—as has been most of her upbringing. Daughter of the British maverick musician Kevin Ayers, she has lived a life steeped in creative expression, travel and music. Her global experience has developed into a complex understanding and respect for how we frame and tell our stories.
The unique methods she has created empower the autonomic nervous system to support oneself in any public performance, whether it’s singing, dancing, acting, public speaking or leadership and business negotiations.Her work includes composing, recording and releasing two albums, writing for online magazines, including the Huffington Post, and helping philanthropic groups worldwide. She has collaborated with Centrepoint on behalf of homeless people, worked with and for Rwandan women as part of the organization “Everything Is a Benefit,” in addition to promoting its powerful documentary “Rape as a Weapon of War.” In support of the environment, she has worked with National Geographic and served as ambassador for the environmental charities “People and Environment Awards” and “Friends of the Earth.”

Galen combines the latest research in Positive psychology, Vocal Yoga®, Buddhist Meditations, Logotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy and Narrative Therapy to guide integrative group sessions, which help the body and mind make the most of the Tune-In Retreat Vocal Yoga sessions. This will be achieved by helping you remove limiting beliefs, focusing your goals and strengthening your breathing awareness and your mindfulness. With Galen you will explore academic and intuitive methods which will inspire, rejuvenate and arm you with a toolkit of empowerment techniques for everyday life and your performances.

Elena Von Dönhoff

We are delighted that this year our beloved friend and excellent Yoga Teacher Elena Von Dönhoff will be joining us to teach both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga. Welcome to the family Elena.

Elena von Dönhoff is an internationally recognized journalist, humanitarian and yogi. As a child of Swedish diplomats she grew up living around the world. Her yoga journey started in 1992, while studying history at Oxford University. Inspired by reading about Gwyneth Paltrow’s yoga practice in Hollywood, Elena became the youngest member of the only class she could find – an older adults practice taught by the wife of a professor. While living in London, she studied Ashtanga and Iyengar with Cat de Rham. Marriage led her to Chile, Dublin and South Africa. Throughout this period, she wrote a doctoral thesis about the Mapuche medicine men, began producing television reports and worked for a German NGO. She also became the mother of 4 children. In 2007 Elena did a teacher training in Ashtanga Vinyasa style yoga in South Africa, a teacher training in Kundalini Yoga with Pritam Kaur Khalsa and Guru Dharam in 2009 and a Yin Yoga teacher training with Biff Mitthoefer. Elena has also studied with renown teachers Shiva Rea, Seane Corne, Sharon Gannon & David Life and Gurmukh. For many years, she ran a yoga studio blending her practice with philosophy and chanting.

Elena now lives in Stockholm with her kids, dogs and horses, hosts monthly kirtan circles and produces reports for Swedish Television. Her latest piece is an interview with family members and representatives of jailed Saudi human rights activists Abdullah al-Hamid, Mohammad Fahad al-Qahani and Walleed who received the alternative Nobel prize – the Right Livelihood Award, for their visionary efforts to reform Saudi Arabia’s totalitarian political system. Her mission is to inspire those of us living in the West to never take our freedom for granted or forget how lucky we are.


Registration is $250 USD