Student Testimonials

[quote]You are such a treasure my dear teacher. Late the other nite, past 8:30pm, I was up to read for a big Casting Director and I was pretty beat from the days rehearsal and driving to Burbank. Before entering I did my “NYC fancy acting school back stretch,” thumbs locked, leaned back until everything started shaking. Went in and blew them away, got a high score on everything all 5’s! thank you![/quote]

Javier Estrella, actor and musician

[quote] Dear Heather,
You have been a great help to our doctoral economic students. Track record on the last two:
University of Chicago professor and Yale professor!  [/quote]

Mark Grinblatt, Professor: Anderson School of Finance and Economics, UCLA

[quote] Just want to say thanks again, i had a amazing time. you taught me some life changing stuff. seriously. i feel so empowered with this new knowledge. You’re my favorite voice teacher! [/quote]
Frank Maharajh, actor: Entourage,  Modern Family, Bad Ass, Grey’s Anatomy


[quote] I decided to join University of Texas, Austin as an assistant professor in Finance. Thank you very much for all your help with my voice and presentation! It was a long process, but I am one of the lucky survivors in the job market this year. [/quote]

Xiaolan(Mindy) Zhang, PhD student, Finance Area, Anderson Graduate School of Management UCLA

[quote]I just wanted to let you know how amazing kirtan was Saturday night, in a nutshell, it’s the first time my voice has held up the entire night. We did a Kali chant for almost 25 minutes. I was stunned at how much energy was in the room.” [/quote]
—Tim Jordan (Kirtan leader)


[quote]I wanted to thank you for being a great lady and a great teacher!”[/quote]
—Annalissa Zito (SMC class participant)


[quote]I really love your classes and your energy! I haven’t been so happy as I am in your class and I want to thank you for being such a dedicated teacher.”[/quote]
—Laura (SMC class participant)


[quote]Thank you for helping me find my voice![/quote]
—Serein Wu


[quote]I recently attended your ‘Vocal Yoga’ Class on Saturday, October 2 and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. For the past year I have been working to develop my voice or to find my voice, own my voice! The breathing techniques and suggestion of my posture significantly empowered my voice. Much Love.”[/quote]
—Rob Manriquez


[quote]THANK YOU from the bottom of my diaphragm for your delightful and inspiring classes!! I could not come to our last sessions so I could not say good bye and thank you. All I want to say is that you inspired me as a human being far more than the scope of the singing class, REALLY!. Much love.”[/quote]
—Maurizio Tavares


[quote]You are AWESOME…

I was just looking at the Santa Monica flyer, and seeing if you are teaching again.
I was sure my singing voice had been removed due to abusive silencing as a child.
I Am thrilled to have met you. I was terrified when I showed up at your class, only to find such a warm welcoming sweet kind encouraging loving gentle SPIRIT, in YOU…
Thank You for being this Angel in my life. I now know I do have a singing voice, and can sing…when I use your wonderful cd.
Big HUGS,”[/quote]

—Tammy Herchfeld


[quote]Heather’s unique approach combines fun yogic exercises with a thorough understanding of anatomy and voice dynamics. Her classes greatly relieved my chronic jaw tension. Heather’s technique gave me confidence in my voice for the first time in my life! Singing out loud without fear, priceless.”[/quote]
—Brooke Loesky


[quote]Thank you, thank you, thank you sooooo much. It was another great workshop, and ya’ll are so great, patient, accepting and supportive – that’s always a wonderful change of pace from my experiences or memories I have of judgmental attitudes and responses. Even the participants were part of making it feel like a safe environment. Always sad when these workshops are over.”[/quote]
—Donna Glinski, actor


[quote]Thank you for helping me be the best I can be for my auditions, and for being the greatest voice teacher anyone could ever ask for!!!”[/quote]
—Mia Canter


[quote]For fifteen years I was a professional songwriter unable to sing my own material. Lyle transformed me from a tone-deaf writer to a competent singer who now enjoys performing.”[/quote]
—Brian Hirsch, songwriter


[quote]Lyle was able to relieve my chronic throat tension problem in one lesson. After the first lesson I was singing better than ever. Incredible!”[/quote]
—Barbara Bell, professional singer


[quote]I never felt confident about my voice before I met Lyle. Through her warm, encouraging teaching methods I actually now love my voice and am no longer a dancer who can’t sing.”[/quote]
—Susan Feine, singer/dancer


[quote]Studying with Lyle has been the most profound pupil-teacher relationship I have had in my adult life.”[/quote]
—Kane Phelps, storyteller


[quote]Thank you! I truly loved every minute of the singing week, your ideas and personality were a huge part of that. Your deep and varied knowledge of music in very inspiring and the really happy selfless way of teaching made it all very available to us. I made more progress in this class than in the in the past 10 years of singing.”[/quote]
—Patricia Pearson


[quote]I’ve brought two friends already and am coming back as long as the class is offered.”[/quote]
—L. A. Mission College student anonymous teacher evaluation


[quote]I’ve been searching for a voice teacher for years who could improve my range and volume. I’ve finally met someone who knows her stuff! Thanks!”[/quote]
—L. A. Mission College student anonymous teacher evaluation


[quote]Heather Lyle is worth her weight in platinum. You can tell she loves people and loves to teach, a winning combination.”[/quote]
—L. A. Mission College student anonymous teacher evaluation


[quote]Really interesting techniques that I haven’t heard of elsewhere, and very informative. Heather Lyle makes you feel good about singing? I want more!”[/quote]
—L.A. Mission College anonymous teacher evaluation