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I have been a professional singer for thirty years (that is my band in the photo in the slide show) and a yoga practitioner for most of my life. When I completed my university studies in voice, I began my teaching practice under the name Vocal Yoga, as I realized that the process of transforming the voice is a yoga unto itself. The literal translation of yoga is union; therefore, vocal yoga means vocal union. The state of vocal union is a state that we all universally desire. I believe that everyone can have a beautiful, resonant voice and I have made it my personal quest to assist all in finding the voice that reflects his or her true nature. One of the greatest benefits of voice work is that it requires us to engage our breath with our central nervous system, instilling in us a greater awareness of our breathing potential. I strongly recommend that you read my article “Why We Don’t Breathe” before leaving my site and hopefully it will inspire you to BREATHE deeply more often.

To assist you in your vocal quest, I teach a variety of workshops and classes to accommodate every type of student and budget. I am also available for private instruction in my Westside studio. I teach all levels and all ages. For those who are not in this area, I am excited to say that I now offer Skype lessons.

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Check out the May 2012 issue of Whole Life Times Magazine. There is an interesting article on Nada Yoga featuring me!!! Click here for their site: www.wholelifetimes.com

I have put all my work into a book titled, Vocal Yoga, the Joy of Breathing, Singing and Sounding. This is a combination of 30 years of my voice experience with techniques from Yoga, Chi Gong, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, The Bel Canto School of Singing, Roy Hart Extended Voice Work, Fitzmaurice Voicework, Sanskrit chanting, voice science and jazz improvisation. Many of the secrets voice teachers know but don’t share are in this book.

I also have a CD of 44 Vocal Yoga Singing Exercises available to enable you to practice daily and reach your vocal potential.

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I love to answer questions, so feel free to ask me a question and I will answer it on my blog page.

Heather Lyle
voice@vocalyoga.com / 310 200-0506

[quote]How wonderful is the human voice! It is indeed the organ of the soul. The intellect of man is enthroned visibly on his forehead and in his eye, and the heart of man is written on his countenance, but the soul, the soul reveals itself in the voice only.” [/quote]
—Henry Wadsworth Longfellow