One of the major complaints that I hear from singing students is that their natural voice doesn’t sound as good as the singers they hear on the radio. The reality is no one’s voice sounds as good! All of the singers you hear on the radio or on CD’s have had their voices enhanced through the magic of technology. In the studio, with the assistance of a variety of computer programs, a singer can have his or her out-of-tune notes auto-corrected. Singers can also have their voices doubled so that the voice sounds much bigger. They can have their voices layered so many times that they can sound like a choir! The volume of the voice can be increased. Any scratchiness in the voice can be eliminated. The voice can be compressed so there is more evenness between the high notes and the low notes. The possibilities are endless! Here is a video that shows examples of singers singing live and then examples of them singing on videos. You will hear a big difference in the sound. Notice that many of the keys are not the same when the singer is performing live. Often the high belting you hear on recordings was viable for the singer to do once, but he or she would not be able to belt well in that key consistently in performance, so the singer will drop the key to something more manageable, live. Adele does this often. Singers are also singing through programs that are processed through the microphone in live performance. Rappers have become singers due to pitch correction software that can be plugged right into the microphone. All of this technology is not to be used as an excuse for not learning to sing, though. Work on your technique and learn to sing in tune and when you feel ready, go into a studio and play with some of the technology to see what your recorded voice possibilities are. You may sound as great as your favorite pop star after all.